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Aerial shot of the Australian Lines
Terendak Garrison.1968.
(Tom Lyons Pic)

All Malaya digs. will remember these and the "kamikaze" drivers behind the wheel

Guys buying ‘Magnolia’ drinks and ice creams from ‘Smiley’ (Hon Tai Yew)
Do you remember he was banned at one stage because guys kept throwing up Chocolate milk on parade.

Buddy Holly Impersonators.
Clockwise seated from left, Ian McLennan, Col McCulloch, Geoff Savage, Vaughan ??, Tom Lyons, Ray Adams. Does anyone recall Vaughan’s last name – or the name of the guy walking past

From Left Murray Scott, Ian McLennan, Alan ‘Hacker’ Hale, and Kevin Gudgeon

Tom Lyons trying to get the cans to the ceiling.

Tom Lyons attempting a song at the Sydney Bar on the eve of his 21st Birthday.

Only Tom knows what he was after here

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