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One of the tracking dogs

And another one

Yes , We really did go bush.

And we also played Footy.
D Coy and Admin Coy playing for the COs Cup 1968.
Tom Lyons is trying to bring down Stewie Yo Yeh.
For the record D Coy Won

8RAR (green) playing HMAS Paramatta (Gold) in June 68 at the courts near the main pool.
Ian McLennan shooting, and Frank Hayes (The aboriginal guy) and the ref was Staff Nev Krause from B Coy.

Vern Hall receiving the winners trophy for the hurdles race at the Batallion sports day

Roy Jackson sucking on a "Tiger" on the way back from JWS to Terendak

Part of D Coy 1968

The ration trial exercise we did to test SAS light rations.
Ian McLennan and Vern Hall

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